The idea for this site came one night as I was talking with my mom on the phone, both of us wracking our brains trying to come up with fresh ideas for dinner. At that time, my son had not yet graced my life, and I had time to occasionally plan a weekly menu. This blog, my new version of my original I’ll Have What You’re Having site, is nothing of the sorts. Menu planning has gone by the way of just trying to get a couple of fruits and veggies in to my daily diet and not eat only scraps of my son’s food all day long. But I still want to try new things. I get bored with the monotony of dishes I’ve made time and again, and I need a place to share, store, and evaluate all the recipes I’ve tried and liked. So I’m trying this again. I don’t anticipate posting often. But I’m giving myself a new space to try things out; let’s see what I can do.


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